VEX IQ Match Footage

From a live, robot skills tournament

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​Quite possibly the best way to improve your robot design and strategy

One of the best ways to become a better team is to watch how other teams play.
Here's Why:

It allows you to see how other robot designs actually work in practice, not just in videos you can find on Youtube
It allows you so see what kinds of strategies work best
Watching other teams play in events will show you the best ways to play the game this year
When you are ready to attend tournaments, you will already know how they are supposed to run
By seeing the scores that teams get, you will be able to discover the best (and worst) ways to build and drive robots
And much, much more!

Ultimately, this robot will allow you to get even more out of your
VEX IQ season than you ever thought possible this year

VEX IQ Match Footage

From a live, robot skills tournament

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There is actually more than one video...

The tournament is so long it is actually split into seven different videos, all hosted privately through Dropbox.

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Good luck this year!


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