Want to Build Some Cool Robots?

Some of the BEST robots that you can build for 2023-2024

After doing dozens of hours of research, designing, and testing, these are the designs that we believe work best.


A super-simple robot that can be built almost entirely from instructions

Difficultly level: Very Easy
Scoring ability: Medium


A more complex robot using an arm to score green cubes into the goals

Difficultly level: Medium
Scoring ability: Medium-high


A simple robot for learning the supple zone

Difficultly level: Medium
Scoring ability: Medium-low

Basic drive

Just a drivetrain can still score 20 points in 1 minute!

Difficultly level: Very Easy
Scoring ability: Low

Score Calculator

Easily calculate match scores and time matches at the click of a button

Difficultly level: N/A
Scoring ability: N/A


Design robots on the computer before you ever build them in real life

Difficultly level: Advanced
Scoring ability: N/A

More questions?

If you have any more questions, please feel free to email me atben@studentroboticseducation.com

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